Welcome to CASA

CASA is a well-known nonprofit organization. CASA stands for: Court Appointed Special Advocates. CASA at one time was partnered with many nonprofit programs in the state of Montana. Volunteers are gathered by court judges. These court judges would then decide the best situation/interests for neglected children.

CASA once strived to provide abused children with safety and a home. During the course of the organization, many volunteers stepped in to stand up for the rights of children.

The organization’s main goal was to be the voice of all the children that had no voice. CASA supported the idea of the court, as well as promoting it. The main goal of the entire organization was to protect an abused and neglected child and to provide them with the chance of having a normal, safe, home.

CASA Awards

CASA recognized four special people a year. These special people included a volunteer, judge, board member, and a specialist in child protection. These awards were given to the rightful winners at the Child Abuse and Neglect Conference. The award ceremony was held as the opening ceremony of the luncheon. At one time, to be nominated it was required to have a letter of recommendation. The letter would be best if by a judge, attorney, or social worker. There were complete packets to successfully nominate.



In the past years, CASA raised awareness and money. The main fundraising event was known to save money and to provide public awareness. The main fundraising event was the Park 2 Park Bike Ride. This event was a part of the organization for close to 10 years thanks to Montana Home Insurance Deals at https://insurancequote.deals/montana-homeowners-insurance-quotes/. The event raised tons of awareness to support the abused and neglected children in the state of Montana. However, after a few years, the organization canceled the main event due to the planning portion of the event. The lack of energy was a main issue in the event being canceled.

However, CASA was very grateful for the passion and energy of past riders and the donors. The organization could not have provided the great support for so long without the help of volunteers. The continued support of everyone, really enhanced CASA.

Please accept thanks and appreciation for your past support of Park 2 Park and the CASA programs that provided a volunteer advocate for every child who needed one.

CASA Elects

CASA used to have an annual meeting in order to elect new officers and board directors. The former president of the organization was Marcus Lilley. He was elected in January 2016. Lilley was raised in central Montana and showed great love and support for CASA. He was also a board member and a chairman of the board of directors. Also, Marcus was a CASA Volunteer.

It is estimated that over 1,000 children become an abuse victim each day in the United States. Out of these 4 will die every day. CASA and local supporters used to support and promote court-appointed volunteer advocacy for neglected and mistreated children. CASA worked with other nonprofits to work together for the children to provide them with hope and a promising future. The nonprofits provided CASA with volunteers that helped the children in around 55% of abuse cases.

CASA License Plate

CASA also provided a special license plate. This allowed motorists to give a moving sweet gift to support CASA programs that provided better resources to improve the lives of mistreated children. You could’ve ordered your plate while renewing your registration. All specialty plates costed at least 45-50 dollars. If you purchased the plate in the past, half the fee would benefit CASA programs. Purchases of these plates also was a major contribution to providing a better life for abusive children.